BST Symbol 16
BST Symbol 16

Symbol 16, 2-Channel Mixer from BST in the Symbol series.

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steny7 10/11/2006

BST Symbol 16 : steny7's user review


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Good to be clear bst bst is not called the pioneer ... (symbol 16 a test for curiosities, but ...

- Limited clarity on the mix but the crossfader is not rgulier (quite dsagreable)
(Parcontre NOTICE TO ALL DJ DE FRANCE AND EUROPE THIS TABLE IF YOU never touch the button saves the table doing his Bzzzz (the big problem of mass lol)

It is nice for conection I have to say against with 2 phono (for vinyl) and between 2 CD (CD lol)

There's a difference there level 3 dB between the output and REC AMP (ki is the thing I'm most laughter)

try it without a moment of pure fun the real mixer cardboard in bst


Apart and it's simple, but not sortable, see not listen


Transparent y does not have the word in bst

breath of course, that yen (its called BST)

the eq and the only good thing about this table stroke (-24 db) for serious


Not just one wild! do not buy more tables bst you laugh all collgues