Ecler SMAC 32
Ecler SMAC 32

SMAC 32, 2-Channel Mixer from Ecler.

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BBurn's 11/14/2003

Ecler SMAC 32 : BBurn's's user review


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This table rack (supports optional) possde 3 ways: 2 way phono / cd crossfade ASSIGNED to cut and switches, and a channel line / mic. All the connections are RCA and found, in addition to the master outputs and rec, an exit cue that you hear select tracks in pfl (cost headphone), not very useful out my taste ...
The equalizer 3 bandesdisponible on two main entrances is very well Designed with the sound frquences that achieve tural variation of the three frequencies. The microphone input jack is also a section possde gain/eq2bandes, which will be very useful in the evening.


This table is very simple to use once you understand the cost of Systm of the table. The headphone output you rconciliera with big sound! For cons, I am using almost never functions in prfrant cut the crossfader.


The sound quality is respectable, with a little bit of breath in the headphone, which is given as Figure thundering amplification of the output. in evening, winds quickly forgotten. The eq is really INTERESTED by allowing, for example during a mix, giving the impression that the foot is more or less heavy, however, you should know the assay pots!


A good table, 3-band eq has frquences well chosen, and like any self-respecting table Ecler is a tractor capable of delivery as long as you want. The level of line3 is a little weak, too bad when you want to use a vinyl overdope APRS. I use this table for about 5 years, I changed 2 times the crossfader and Fidler is the Spanish brand. Good food for marathons mix an affordable price. New sries unfortunately not the same frquences cutoff, which is a pity! So, I keep my old Smac32, however, I must find a cross in the state!