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dirtyfinger 10/03/2006

Eso One : dirtyfinger's user review


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Very small non-rack console with two-way line / phono, one master fader type (atention she has a large reserve, a small error hello DGAT), a monitor output and an output rec, all the conections are made by RCA and the ground point for turntables vinyl,
3-Band EQ low, mid, and treble all is that of more conventional
there is no effect section or effects loop at the same time to the age of the console will not be reproached her. least one point for her even when we will be


Over simple, everything is clearer, his hand is what it has?


The console has a very very good quality of sound is not really a shit rspcte it very well the music that goes and if you have the misfortune davoir an mp3 pourave ba sa rescent very well, has so what comes out the serious and enormous very big, I am forced to lower volume are the medium are clean and the acute end, that I am an amateur but compare my stanton sk6 (of very good quality) her day and night, incomparable, so I said (to return to our sheep) so she and transparent sound level but with a big grave. it introduces very very little breath you really have to push back but as with is kind of consoles you can not push back so it does (and again I say it to in this because fader but are out of age) let alone I'll assume with nine faders.
yes lequaliseur and are effective despite small-15dB / +15 dB


The consoles I depui the User depui 5 years but beginning. javait not try other models at the time since I offered the (jme realize I had dla chance).
jadore what these consoles a no frills are not 36 000 buttons, it has a large reserve of gain and very good potentiometers (faders) (certainly there are old but still works well) by jai against the test could not Others bottom (I jamma tests on a large system, jai's not so lucky) so I can not tell if you are rate-distortion and consquent or not, but there is talk of an eso eso and and fucking a brand whose quality sound and reliability and admontre So here it is, in short, the only negative (ba ui yen still has, admittedly a little boring but well done with) its the preamp RIAA and that the outside (big box wholesale if you want) but hey it jmen crazy and with a yes and j'fait Jallais forget it not aesthetically geule (ugly koi), but jmen jladore crazy. with short experience I definitely repeat if it is still available and I strongly advice for doccasion chtis budgets because it is and not very expensive. jenleve least one point for the preamp and design (his wicked loll)