Gemini DJ PS-540i
Gemini DJ PS-540i

PS-540i, 2-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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oblikone 11/29/2006

Gemini DJ PS-540i : oblikone's user review


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Mixer 2 channel rack-mount
- 2-way
- 3 phono
- 1 line
- 1 master output
- An output record
- Equalizer on 2-way-32db / +12 db
- Total Kill bass on medium high 2-way
- 1 microphone
- Adjustable fader curve (sharp or Gradual)


It's ultra-easy to use even a child will succeed not need manual
- We like the large total kill you can not miss even on the fly right in the mix, and then they are close to the Sufis faders to be able to handle with one hand. It's too convenient! Hear not the guy who earlier said they are willing pal ... the evidence to the contrary I think it's great.
- Also not listen to the guy below said that the screws come out of the cross fader. That's not true, even if it was true on his table as he bah tighten the screws and it is revealed not ...
- The faders are very flexible and strong at the same time
- The buttons are big and "catch"


- There is the breath so when you push the master
- Sound is not great, but normal is a small table, do not expect a nickel a transparent and warm. This is an entry-level table asked not the qualities of a pro. But it is reasonable, if your disks are well, it happens. But for sure next to a pro not hold it ...


I use it for 4 years.
I tried another gemini before this one had no Totall so when I kill this one was too happy, it is convenient, cheap, strong, and its brushed steel look is nice.
For the price it's okay I had so much fun with, and the sound quality given its big fat than we do not listen the difference when the sound is loud and hard goods, it does. It's not the quality of the machines that made the sound, the DJ, the artist and the quality of discs that mix ... that's all.

Summarizes an entry-level practice with which was fun, and that's all we ask.