Gemini DJ UMX 7
Gemini DJ UMX 7

UMX 7, 2-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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spark972 07/11/2003

Gemini DJ UMX 7 : spark972's user review


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It's 10 inches so the rack will be ironed. 2-way, TRS or RCA output and recording.
The EQ is powerful enough, it is very "readable", complete, cross fader curve adjustment, fader curve also reverse cross. Short as happiness.


So the controls are well placed, very accesible, visible, I did not have the manual to read. The first bridge Black (y 'will have other bcp) c seen that the meter is not practical to regulate its levels.


Well there it will strike at once.
Booth outputs, Master (RCA or TRS) do not emit a sound very neutral, or at least clean. It's not too definable beginnings of saturation in the low, the sound is a bit rough at the bottom of the spectrum. This phenomenon is less pronounced at the top and there is no in between.
Strangely in the headphone and the REC output, this does not occur.


I kept just three weeks before the sell off. I already had a 626 PS and 19 Gemini Killer before, nothing wrong except a low output level of the general, but good considering the price it was tolerable. But when I decided to go upmarket and put 399 euros on a UMX (the 9 are known), with all its small otpions. Hello ben and disappointment.

I did not mention the fader left improperly assembled (sandwich exploded), the crossfader that crackles, catch back that are loose, the bug (woohoo!). All of a sudden one, more sound, more signal, yet the table is still on, it is reset (on / off / on) and this miracle! it off again ...

I probably came across an exceptional model, but the assembly of the whole was lousy, I solved all the pbs (although I guarantee fiat myself) but unable to do anything ... BUG

So I returned to the store and price qqchose more conventional ... Tt very disappointed as well because it was presented really well