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LafonkYoy 06/28/2012

Numark DXM06 : LafonkYoy's user review

«  For the price, I am very satisfied. »

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A table at a price of 250 euro, it is important to say. It did not sound, precision, hit a table to 1500.
All I'm going to express in this opinion is related to the price!

Output table for plugging into a PA or monitor.

A small section of effects that work well and is very easy to use.


Everything is covered fingers, you can make a large number of shares at the same time, exple: cut one frequency on one channel, initiate and modulate a multi-effect, climb the other way ...
She is very playful.

The meter is not terrible.


For the price, it is very good.
Saturates the little master.
You can push the equalizers, no problem.

It makes a pretty good sound system. Only problem, not enough potato in the headphone!


I bought this table in early 2004, to 8 years now, I took him in many places, it flew in puff: not a problem.
It is versatile, everything is close at finger which allows for many things at once and through the output table, it can plug into a sound that it makes my time well.

I may be lucky but nothing came of it known to my table. One time, I should contact a fader level and then it disappeared ...