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gregvera 06/02/2004

Numark DXM06 : gregvera's user review


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That says it all ...

dplorera is a conexion "spdif" as its big sister


Super easy to use ... c impressive. aun after 10 minutes we al have had the impression of his life in the hands ... and this is what the problem may be. yeah: p is much to be discovered, it remains relatively boat.
Otherwise, it 's true that the interface is not too bad and the knob are nice.

The big problem that is the Xfade that is a bit of the mud ... yeah, I use this table Skratch relatively often, it's been two months that I have and crak dja ...
and in addition to the effect processor beug super often (on average a faith all 5 or 6 ignitions of the machine ...)
numark thank you!
Finally, the effect didtortion and vocoder are the most bogus of all the creation, ... we say the Bontempi:-D
at the same time for a table at 300 euros, you can not ask for the moon ...


Question the c pa too bad, does his pross Numerik Boulo, even if it's too "Numerik" these small effects ... :-)
I find the filter delirium, and the kill are super impressive ...
The eko is great too, with BPM sync, ca adds more to the mix ... using the echo and tape echo on al impression of being a god of the mix even if it is a sub-dung.

if something bothers me is the level of c out of the headphone that n 'is really not enough for my taste consquent and qq effect that are really naz.


J uses this table depui 4 months and I quite sui dcu al compared the use that I 'actually, that is why I sell it vai.
that is not a table Skratch ... mieu is an SA12 or PPD01 or a vestax PMC 07 ISP Pro and dsp behind, even if that is more expensive.
but I think for use tek, house or other, a cross necessitan pa super solid, it can be not a bad choice.
report quality price as my faith very good ca me spo be a good buy for a DJ MIX who wants to bring a can of orriginalit (but attention has not tro abuse, the effects drunk very quickly the public. .. surtou the flanger a donf:-D)

Finally, no small point that aesthetic that engages me, I find it super ugly, the light and it's been playmobil royal blue that is too ugly for a Mix7 (especially with the neon green)