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Numark DXM06
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Publié le 10/31/08 à 16:00
Very nice features. The basics are there like curve setting, hampster button, low mid high eqs. Also low mid and high kill buttons. Also a fun built in fx panel thing with a total of 12 effects ranging from a robotic vocoder for your mic to tape echo to a 4 pole filter and some reverbs and echo. I guess it's more suited for techno, but I love to experiment with fx while scratching. There is also a tap button that lights up to the tempo to controll fx. The a slider and knob with light indicators (so that it light up as you slide/spin the fader/knob) are very cool. These act as rate and wet/dry. Headphones have good controll, volume, ch1/2 fader, and three settings for cueing, master output or cueing fx. So I think it's safe to say they dident leave anything out.

Price paid: $350 CAD


As easy as pie. Basicly the same as every other scratch mixer, the fx panel was easy to understand as well. All the buttons light up so easy to see if there on or off. The front has an angled slope wich is suprisingly comfortable for cutting. The fader is buttery smooth and responds very well. I had an issue with it on the first night and it may be user error but pretty sure it wasent. Basicly it worked fine at first, then I went to power it up and it wouldent work. It wasent a connection or switch error because when you turn the unit on the tap button flashes, and it wasent flashing, also the level lights would stay lit and it did not produce any audio. I was gonna return it and packed it up, a few hours later I was bored so I hooked it up again and its worked fine ever since.

May only complaint is the crossfader knob. On the first day It fell off when I has tapping away on it and now it's loose as a goose. I had to put a little peice of tin foil in it to stay tight. It seems well built enough...Time will tell.


I have no complaints about the sound quality at all. I'm sure a Vestax or Rane would blow it away, but for the price you can't complain.


I like it, can't say I love it. I really like the fx theyre really fun to mess around with. The cross fader is really smooth and light, hope that keeps up. It is laid out well, you dont need a munual you just know how to work it right away. But... Some things like the knobs look really plasticy, and they try to make em look metal, why not just use metal in the first place. 90 day warrenty sucks, me thinks it will be programed to break on it's 91st day. Ranes have a 2 year. Fader knob being so loose sucks too.

Originally posted on
Posted by: ninjadog (January 2-, 2005)
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