Reloop Effex Titan Verte
Reloop Effex Titan Verte

Effex Titan Verte, 2-Channel Mixer from Reloop.

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Mistyk 01/11/2007

Reloop Effex Titan Verte : Mistyk's user review


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Console 2 channels, 2 phono, 2 line-in, non-rack, RCA connectors, adjustable crossfader curve, effects kill frequency drives, has 2 effects:
-Flanger (a crap)
-Turn (I did not understand the usefulness of sucks ..)


Config very very simple, the manual is clear and well translated ..
However the crossfader is really shit ... He cut it and attack the 5/6mm stumbles, plastic crossfader and faders have all casss, beautiful shit ..


It introduces a lot of breath ...
The EQ is + - effective, kills cut the frequencies not too bad, the prampli headphone is strong enough.
the gain is not powerful enough and it is very (trop!) faster in the red!


I use it for 3 months 1/2.Ce I love most .. uh prampli the headphone fairly puissant.Ce I like least: the crossfader, plastics that are above the meter ugly and inaccurate, and so on .. before that I tried the Gmini FX-7000 from a friend but hey that's not what I was looking for ..
I find the report qualitprix way, well we will say okay because it's just a table entry ..
with the experience I would do not have that choice ... I also recently a Vestax PMC 07 Pro