Vestax PMC-25
Vestax PMC-25

PMC-25, 2-Channel Mixer from Vestax in the PMC series.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Vestax PMC-25 : FP User's user review


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This is a basic 2 channel house mixer - its got PGM vs. Master LED VU Meter, Split Cue, a 3rd Aux (Cueable) input, and EQ Kill Switches as well. The faders and xfader are replacable. Nothing real fancy in the build itself. Its very short (3U) and rack mountable. Its the bastard stepchild of the PMC mixers as far as looks. More details under "Quality"



The interface is sweet and simple. Everything is spaced apart and intuitive. The manual is pretty thin, but not really required. Hooking things up was a breeze as well.

The EQs are big fat knobs and have just the best feel to them, great for the House DJ. Also, above each EQ is the kill switch, which is not actually a switch, but a mini fader. The did this so you wouldn't hear any hidden "click" when cutting out frequencies. The cuts are super low (like -85db) too on both eq and kill. The xfader doesn't have an adjustable curve, but I like how its set, and I find myself using it more often than usual for House/Prog stuff.


Sounds great to me, of course I'm coming from a cheap Numark mixer. I expect the same quality to come from other Vestax's (such as the 275)


Despite the lower marks above (I'm being as fair as possible - I'm fairly new to DJing myself) - I love this thing for sure. Again, the eq knobs and kill switches are awesome and just downright fun to play with - I feel like a kid whenever I get on it. These things are being phased out for a newer model (the PMC 250), so you can find them around for alot cheaper than originally priced (something like $750!) I recommend it.

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