stompboxjon 05/22/2012

Akai LPK25 : stompboxjon's user review

« i need more keys »

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The Akai LPK 25 is a 25 key midi keyboard that is really small. I was very surprised to see how small and compact it is. The space between the top of the keys and the top of the board is virtually not even there . There is just a little black strip which cuts the height of the board down and makes it smaller than most 25 key controllers. Akai has really taken over some of the midi keyboards recently with some of there larger models. But the LPK25 is one of the lower end models that they produce. You will NOT be satisfied with this if you play with both hands. You will have to record your lower end instruments and sequences separate from your melodies just because there arent enough keys. I wouldn’t get this unless you are looking for something small enough to go into your back pack so you can pull it out on the go and make music wherever you are.


If you are looking for a good midi controller at home I wouldn’t get this either unless you are tight on workspace and need something small. Not that it cant do what a 61 or 88 key can do because in the end its all the same. But I like to play my melodies with my low end at the same time to really get the sound of it before I record the midi sequence.


I am not bias but im just not a fan of 25 key midi controllers because they are just not enough for me. If I am going to use a 25 key controller I mine as well load up FL studio and just use the recorder keys that are on my laptop as the piano keys (fl studio has an option for this) and make my patterns and save money from buying at 25 key controller.