vsavagellc 08/19/2012

Akai LPK25 : vsavagellc's user review

« Great for Mobile setups »

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I purchase this keyboard for 2 main reasons. 1 It's small and portable and 2. Akai made it and I already owned the bigger version (Akai mpk49) but didn't want to spend money on the Mpk25 (cost too much for what I needed. I needed something that was thin and could fit in my backpack along with my laptop,headphones and maschine

This Keyboard connects via USB which is excellent makes it easy, the drivers automatically install for you (can't argue with that)

There are some pretty nice features on this unit such as sustain, octave, tap tempo.

I was actually glad it had the tap tempo feature


I do a lot of music production projects with this little keyword - especially when I'm traveling. It's perfect for getting little ideas out and or full projects but again since inspiration can hit at anytime I like to take the AKAI LP25 with me everywhere I go. I literally just put it in my backpack along with my laptop and the rest of my portable gear and I'm on my way.

I also use the lpk25 for auditioning sounds when I'm sound designing. it's just easier to pull this out rather than my bigger keyboard.


The only thing I don't like about this mini keyboard is there is no actual mod or pitch bend wheel. I also don't like the cheap feel of the keyboard but then again it was only $50.00 and it's light weight so I guess I can't really complain to much.

I've used a lot of other mini 25 key keyboards before but this was the thinnest of all as well as the 1st mini akai I had used (at the time) before then it was the bigger much clunky looking oxygen 25.

I personally think this unit performs well especially for what it cost it works well with everything application I've ever used it with. - It gets the job done!