Croix 12/28/2010

Akai LPK25 : Croix's user review

« Small but good »

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The AKAI LPK25(short for Laptop Performance Keyboard) is a compact sized midi keyboard from AKAI. It features 25 velocity sensitive keys, octave up and down buttons, a Sustain function, and an arpeggiator with tap tempo. And it really is extremely small.

The package in which the LPK25 arrvies contains a USB cable for connecting the LPK25 to your computer and a CD with editing software. The editing software is very simple, but it works. You can edit arpeggios, and save up to 4 different presets. The Sustain works as expected. The arpeggiator is well thought out, and you can easily switch between the different modes(UP, DOWN, EXCL, INCL, RAND) and time divisions(1/4T to 1/32T).

The LPK25 connects to your computer through USB. There is unfortunately NO midi out, so you can't control anything else with it, which is a shame, since that would really have made it quite perfect.


Setting up the LPK25 could not be easier. You simply plug it in to your computers USB port and play. There is literally nothing more to it.

The 25 keys feel great for such a small size. You probably can't play anything super too complicated with it, but it works great for simple melodies and motifs. It will also take a while to get used to the smaller keys, but that's the same with any new keyboard.


In conclusion, I loved the LPK25. It has a solid feeling, and it's only about as big as a laptop keyboard. I doubt I've ever seen better value for such a price. The durable build quality(I've dropped it on the floor a few times) and great arpeggiator are the cherry on top of the cake.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants a portable and well made midi controller. Of course it won't replace a full size midi keyboard, but for this price, who can complain?