Akai Professional MAX25

MAX25, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Akai Professional.

elektsnow 10/12/2013

Akai Professional MAX25 : elektsnow's user review

«  This is the ball »

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MAX25 is a master keyboard USB / MIDI / CV including all the features of its big brother the MAX49 in a condensed version with 25 keys, 4 faders and 8 pads.
With a sensitive semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, a step sequencer with built-in arpeggiator, ribbon controller with bargraph LED backlit pads and ds, the MAX25 offers all the power control MAX49 while remaining compact and easily transportable.


The manual is not necessarily very intuitive
Ultra-easy use and clear logic
the big plus is the management of midi channels in hand with the wheel
I manage my Virus TI channels and it is a wonder.
he also automatically parameterize the meters to LED my virus without even I had to be assigned anything. (Cut off, reverb, panorama etc etc) and the meters LED react perfectly and are very precise and c is much faster and accurate than knobs (more knobs it breaks, no ribbons)


This is the ball - Touch keyboard is excellent, superb aftertouch
Metal frame so beautiful.
Quality has superb MPC pads, key notes configurable repeat in direct and fast.
Traveling much I hesitate to separate myself because I could do without during my trip, but it works so well (no loss of time and hair pulling as the Novations) the akai max software extracts your plug ins in seconds - the Vyzex MAX25 Editor software allows you to program your sequence.
Although provide a great arpeggio, the sequence can be transformed into Arpeggio also and so supercharged and pushed.
Anyway having to own up to today mk2 Novations, akai mpk and M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 - nothing to see this Akai Max is the best Midi Keyboard control I had in hand was the days Can be the best on the market and certainly the most beautiful

I use it mainly without PC. Directly south, the screen is blue and clear logic function.
Coupled to a PC, there is a twenty template ready for Ableton, Cubase, Logic, etc. etc.
Hui and Mackie Control also ready for use.

If I sold it to travel, I buy you a second time, because it is purely awesome this little Max and compact and it has class ...