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King Loudness King Loudness

« A sadly underrated, yet awesome cabinet! »

Publié le 04/18/11 à 18:46
This Basson cabinet was my first proper speaker cabinet that I purchased new in late 2008. I did many hours of research and decided to take a chance with this company who I hadn't heard much about. They had a new and unique way of constructing their cabs. They used MDF as opposed to a traditional wood design, and they reinforced it for more internal strength. This also meant that their cabs didn't have any inherent qualities that affected the tone coming out of the speakers. This gets mixed reviews online, but I loved it, to be frank. I used it with several different amps (Mesa Boogie, Peavey, Splawn, etc) and I had killer results with each amp.

The cabinet is loaded with a pair of Emience Legend 1258 speakers. I must admit that I really wasn't a fan of the speakers when I first got the cabinet as they sounded harsh and brittle... but after playing around with the cabinet for a few weeks, the speakers settled down and the tones started working for me. I loved the fact that it really didn't influence the tone coming from my amp. Basically, I found that whichever amp I used, the tone and voicing of that amp came through my speakers. They aren't scooped like Celestion G1275s or mid-heavy like Celestion Vintage 30s, so those factors aren't influencing my tone. As a result of this, I was able to use many great sounding amps and hear their nuances and tones through a great, yet passive sounding cabinet.

Basson unfortunately gets a bit of a bad rep in the industry. Their promotion was geared towards the metal market and it never really panned out for them. It got to the point they had to eliminate their dealership network, and finally, they went out of business about six months ago. It was a very sad day for me, as I really hoped they would succeed and find their market. The product is killer, but the market just wasn't there I suppose.

All in all I was extremely impressed with this cab. Though it was heavy to lug (around 72 lbs), I found that it consistently made all of the various amps I ran through it sound good and I loved the cabinet because it was off the beaten path. I (very stupidly) sold it when I thought I needed to downsize, and I kick myself most days when I realize how great a cab it was and how it'll be hard to find another one around here... ah well. If you see one sitting forgotten and lonely in your local shop... give it a try, it might just be what you need!
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