Marshall 1936V
Marshall 1936V

1936V, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall.

onelittlejog 09/10/2007

Marshall 1936V : onelittlejog's user review


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Marshall 2x12 mr 1936v
(Appellation of the baffle 1936 vintage)

2x75watts mono / stereo 2x16 or 1x8 ohms ohms
celestion vintage speaker
Size: 750x600x310
weight: 24.6 kg
I aqcuis to 539

so it's a 2x12 guitar cabinet
For my part I have come this choice because, sometimes playing in places restreins, I had no choice but to connect me on my combo, which I made my first steps, namely a Marshall Valvestate 8240 equipped 2 celestion GT12.
I lost my sound is taken as degeulasse and without tassiture.

I now play on a Marshall JCM head 900mk3 2100 model which I transplant a 4x12 cabinet (Sovtek) sounding the fire god, but cumbersome because trs more impressive than the Marshall 1960.
This cabinet is in loc .. to repeat, and with me on scnes + or-large size.
The Marshall 1936V home and rest with me on small scnes (caf conc etc ...).
Anyway I still play on my amp lamp.
The sound of this cabinet is excellent and the balance between bass, midrange and treble seems to me to achieve perfection.
The grain is dug and the small cot that you get on the pedals is wha wha bleufant.
the baffles are not vintage 30, I think these are speakers specially develop following public demand.
These are vintage G12

The GT12 fitted to lead the 1936 ... ... and my vavestate did not suit me.
I do not t deu
I put 10 ... nothing wrong
excellent quality price
I invite you on this topic forum, debate has not hurt!