Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12
Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12

Road King 2x12, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Mesa Boogie in the Road King series.

Jimmy Chaos 02/25/2009

Mesa Boogie Road King 2x12 : Jimmy Chaos's user review


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I use these speakers for about a month.
- There are 2 HP 8ohms
- You can plug in 8Ohms HP left (input A) or right (input B) and then on 4ohms 4 HP (input A + B)
- The HP has left her a "Vintage" while those on the right sound "Modern" (or vice versa, I do not know, but it's the same wholesale intertidal).
- They really t It was set up for the Road King 120W head, this amp has a `switch that switches between the baffles baffles A B or A + B.
It is a heavy investment, but like everything, if you want the very good stuff you need to empty his bank account: s

It is also essential if we want to use the road king head Entirely, it'll be a shame to break such a chain of beautiful stuff. ^ ^
Anyway believe me when I watch these speakers and the fact that I Look, I am the dough and I am fire! a son of thunder, and sign it as the mesa 4x12.
Its use is especially during RPTES or registration.