Gemini DJ FX-7000
Gemini DJ FX-7000

FX-7000, 3-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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Xam Disturbed 02/12/2005

Gemini DJ FX-7000 : Xam Disturbed's user review


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A small table very nice! 3-way is enough to start pr (C surtt if pr mix just smoked two turntables and two CD Vinyl). The effects make it quite well even if I do not use them too in the evening because I am always afraid ke bad it makes the pieces.


It is super simple to use! The manual does not describe how it works but who cares: it is pointless tt is natural on this table!


The sound is really nikel! I've never heard of breath or even koi ke LOIS this by pushing the sound back! There is just the knob ke craquainet just a while ago but it was the dust had incristé ki. A stroke of a blower ds Magain specialist (Free) and here we go again! The EQ is good enough. The kill function is to best effect on techno mix!


I use it for 6 months now and I had no problem (except dust ds the knob but it's my fault). I love its design and ease of use. No complaints to make! Having toured a lot of mixers I chose and I believe that the ke I do it again if I had to do it. It's really a very good restaurant for the price it shows!