Gemini DJ UMX-SE p
Gemini DJ UMX-SE p

UMX-SE p, 3-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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tonioux 10/07/2005

Gemini DJ UMX-SE p : tonioux's user review


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There is everything you need except a master output jack sniff but the XLR connectors not making up for any effect section


In the beginners I eml brushes is a bit hot to understand the hamster switch but after 30 minutes (if even!) Here we go! used to it quickly! manual super sucks!! shall have the gemini have made an effort! for there is a small mass interuptor to select "gnd" "line" I had not put in position gnd and looked for an hour I had the problem (and yes the plate not work because the gnd is inactive in "line") no! as good now but I think if the rest is simple


A little breath phono's all (when you put the volume back) if the low ... nice! it is quite round as I love it! better than my pa pro smac May better than my vestax! normal as the acute mdium what a good sound! except when they mix with the 3 channel sound is an old rotten to the channel 2 (it sucks but hey I do not often mix has three platinum)


I've had a year now and it does not let me go I use it often cross super solid and not cheap to replace (30 only for a super solid cross cut it!) What is missing is the table ... THE KILL!! kill it with a c'tait the top! but we can not have everything sniff! report quality unbeatable price I got it for 300 new I got a bargain now it is a 200! you throw it!! At this price it is by far the best! exprience with a budget I like her eyes closed Hacht !!!!!!! I forgot you can put a cross fader vestax! I put the penny gilles & over and I can tell you that a hit has mor!! a cross de ouf! frankly it is unepro 10 sm 3 in faith more veiled rgal Vou it costs 200 and is the best quality price rapprort I know with the SA-5 Stanton