Reloop RMX-30
Reloop RMX-30

RMX-30, 3-Channel Mixer from Reloop.

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guiguix4u 12/01/2005

Reloop RMX-30 : guiguix4u's user review


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Mixer 3-way, rack, Jack RCA and XLR connectors.
EQ per channel, has seen nitre assign each channel with large yellow LEDs slamming.
There is no effect and it is not forcment worse, as given that most of the effects Intgr consoles have not made a great (except that echo and flanger are gnial). The console includes a Rec output, very nice. Do not forget the kills and rglage curves (mix or scratch).


Super simple setup. Manual 4 pages s'avre but useless. I mix in 1 hour dja the table under control, automation come quickly.
Sometimes intensive use, + 2 hours per day on weekends for items in collgues.


The console does not introduce any breath, the sound is clear trs. The trs qualiseur are effective. Kills the cut line.


I use the console for 3 months now. + What I like? I want to say just because I did not find any default or Preska, it appears solid and reliable ds the first use.
Before mixais Power on a console, and the cash I see the difference.
The ratio quality price is good for me trs, I bought 169 new, for a 3 way I think its not excessive especially considering the quality.
Tried trs frankly gnial.