Vestax PMC-270 A
Vestax PMC-270 A

PMC-270 A, 3-Channel Mixer from Vestax in the PMC series.

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pittou 08/21/2005

Vestax PMC-270 A : pittou's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Say anything on that table! P'ti a monster!
PMC 270 A and a simple mixer and ffective, the paramtres intrssant, derived from the same design cldres pmc tables 50 & 55 At a modest price!

wholesale voila:
mixer 3-way, nine entries in total including 6 line and 3 phono RCA placqu in all the gold, 2 mic jack on rglage with low and high volumes and spars for each microphone,

2 outputs: rec monitor (or RCA) & Master (JACK), controlled by a single volume (Volume I prfr January 1 each)

rglage: low-medium-16 16 12 12 16 16 high-(potato!) a balance inland and master plus earnings (trim)

1 & 1 return send (out jack) with volume for each rglage more comuter pre, post, off of each tract and the microphones!

75 mm fader soft (slightly fragile)

killer effect on channels 1 & 3

a cross fader for channels 1 & 3 only!


This formidable 3-way mixer is easy to use, no complicated levels of branching
manual simple,
moreover it is not too ugly, metal or imitation brossbr /> the pots are not too srr each other, they were facillement at your fingertips and are not too rigid
the level metter led (to see) is alive trs follows the music well, ily is one for the master and one for "cue" prcoute the headphone!
fader and crossfader flexible and lightweight, but a little fragile (2 year life), interchangeable facillement but, again, the fader does not rate too high, and is everywhere.


Question sounds, then lc'est trrible is the highlight of the PMC 270 A
since I mix on this console I never t's on this point,
one of his formidable finesse exelente, the rglages are trs trs prcis example:

when you run low on your drives you with low rglage!
when you run out of medium on your drives you with the medium rglage!
When you need more acute on your drives you with the high rglage!

and the same for the opposite!
with no cut against the rglages, vestax prfers has put killers

issue out, no loss, similar to the entries,
for the record, I am making mixtapes on cassette, it was almost cd quality

GRSI not when you move the faders

the levels of killers (killer frequency), it's clean! when you cut them all, you hear nothing!

for microphones it's all good

in terms of the function I / O for effects that nickel also send the pots / returm allows you to rgl volume effect in the box and out


The PMC 270 is a rev A good console, Designed in the same line of clbre PMC 50 A & 55
3 ways to pull them out of the mix with three turntables (or phono cd), possibilities for the insertion of a box like effect EFX 500, ZOOM, KORG, AIR FX .... you can make a programming effect in your headphones as this console is equipped with a function on each prcoute ways!
I tried other console, but the one that suits me as my EQUIREMENTS because I wanted a quality of his formidable an insert effect by way allowing me to do what I want a mix, I associate a box effect this table to be freer and more inventive, and powerful killers, and trs trs rglages prcis ....
alpoque I bought trs expensive (800) but its taken down (great!)
for me the highlight of this table is the quality and the Audible rglages
the mixer and easy to use, I have beginners with this console I am out, however, I always use after 5 years of mixes! nickel still no problem.

Maitenes, the PMC 270 A rating less expensive q'avant
So good value / quality prices

ngatif points:
-Fader and crossfader a bit fragile!
A volume of more-for the monitoring, would be welcome
"I would love a killer troisime for channel 2
-Cross fader for channels 1 & 3 only!