Palmer P2200LX-4
Palmer P2200LX-4

P2200LX-4, 4-Channel Power Amp from Palmer.

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San 08/17/2007

Palmer P2200LX-4 : San's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
It's been a year since I use it, but not regularly ...
What I find great about this amp is the filter
active: it has a low pass on the 2x700 Watts
and a high pass in the 2x400 Watts. These filters are
more adjustable 75Hz to 300 Hz ..
The 2x700 Watts feed two 18 "woofer 4 Ohms BMS ...
The 2x400 watt supply systems composed of two 15 "Eminence
a Beyma 10 "and a Beyma 2", 8 ohm system ...
Power level, I have full power 2 x 700 Watts
as 4 Ohms, and I must say that I rarely exceed half the volume ...
For 2x400 Watts, the system is 8 ohms, 2x250 watts so I is a bit
just ... I also think back a 2x400 watt amp to power the 15 "
Eminence ...
At the sound, the speakers have an important role in rendering.
Its a very hot, good bass, midrange and treble ...
I usually beeps in the group in which I play,
never had any trouble ...
Price level, it turns around € 1900 but it's worth ...