Behringer DJX750
Behringer DJX750

DJX750, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer in the Pro Mixer series.

DJ OrL'ioX 07/10/2011

Behringer DJX750 : DJ OrL'ioX's user review

«  Beginner (TOP)! »

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Audience: Beginners
Sampling correct, however, on certain title, it will be necessary to thoroughly knob of "XPQ Surround" which can ruin all the returned output Bass! (For securities are recorded / edited in the sound output and not LEFT LEFT / RIGHT)

RCA connectors for each "Lines" and divided into two for each depending on whether the output and LINE / CD / PHONE.

Output MASTER CAR + CAR BOOTH output (second exit) and external FX entered CAR.

TAPE output for recording.

XLR / female microphone jack 6.3 mm + ENTER to preview.
Possibility to set different gains for the microphone or to assign an effect of the table when talking about!

PFL button with blue LED for each + Effects + Mic Lines


Mixer instead focused for beginners and club nights alone, it can take good hand in the deejing good level because of its 4 channels read CD / Line or Line / Phone, as well as its 75 built-in effects such as the Bitcrusher, flanger, echo, several filters, phase ... and all this setting on a large scale for each effect.

The button "FX On" is very fragile and does just that with a piece of plastic connected to the electronic card table (I also removed). So do not press too hard, if not be repaired manually.

The manual is completely useless, except for having to learn the number of the desired effect! Yes the effects are ranked number that is selected by turning the knob and pressing (1.5s - 2s) to select it, then drive all retenirs not hearts.

BPM system included digital, enabling when "Sync Lock" is set to give us above the fader (LED color) on movement and speed to change the deck and thus get a good result of timing melt. However this function and useless if you mixed together with a mix of software like VDJ.


Equalizer effective, however, gain knobs are pretty fragile, so it is necessary to take it easy in the turns.

The XPQ surround and well made to all

The output microphone and made as well, plus the option of lowering the speech in its title automatically if you wish via the knob "TALK".

Monitor preview modes with "Split Stereo or" to separate a preview of the title read in conjunction with, or layered under read, but also the possibility to choose the preview out MASTER or CUE only via the knob "LEVEL".


My personal opinion, his view is that in a year has mated with my CDJ-400,. it allowed me to integrate myself quickly in the deejing and get used to the future high-end table in four ways.

I was advised for any beginner (e) wishing to start a style of mixing fast enough ryhtme. You will be provided (e) in the evenings and therefore have a range of effects already included in addition to what you already use when you mix via a third-party software such as mixing VDJ.