Denon DJ DN-X1600
Denon DJ DN-X1600

DN-X1600, 4+ Channel Mixer from Denon DJ.

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thenextlevel2006 04/06/2014

Denon DJ DN-X1600 : thenextlevel2006's user review

«  Excellent compromise allen pio and value for money. »

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In summary box has internal effects with the ergonomics and button pio filter as the djm 700. (Who also does a frequency sweep when it is not activated filter.)

Traktor certified soundcard but usable with other program which does not need dedicated sound card as mixvibes vtdj and integrated.

Possibility of using the table full noon.
Equalizer that kill.
And cross fader with adjustable curve and hardness setting of cross cut by no cons for the cross but not necessary due to the original setting.

The fader is super soft to the touch of magnetic fader we say at home or rane allen.

The race fader and longer than pio progressive and well when it is set in the middle which is not the case of new home nuo ecler.


Yes except for the super simple config sound card you just watching a youtube tutorial and password.

Do not confuse the inputs and outputs of the sound card on the selectors above the tracks.
(To test a djm 850 config s is the inverse of djm I have search for a while I believed that the table was defective)

You can set one for recording in traktor for example.

Config card internally in the menu of the table and also in traktor setting.


The sound is clean and clear.
Yes the equalizer is effective kill it well and can be internally set if desired.
The master must be set internally to not saturated because there is a limitation set.
If the limit is too low, well you will hear it soon in pregnant dice that you will pass the 0 db. (It saturates the stock has once again I believed that the table was defective)


I use it for a few weeks.

I 'am very happy so I do it again this choice without hesitation I have had any occasion.