Denon DJ DN-X1700
Denon DJ DN-X1700

DN-X1700, 4+ Channel Mixer from Denon DJ.

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djmotion 01/19/2013

Denon DJ DN-X1700 : djmotion's user review

«  Awesome! »

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See the test is very comprehensive.


Table easy to use, a little less for the FX, the basic functions are immediately accessible.


Transparent table, kills are effective, non-existent breath (breath little vinyl mode).


I use it now for two months (evenings and at home). It replaces a Numark DXM 06.
Before purchasing this model, I tried Pioneer, Numark different, Behringer (yes, must see if the price difference is justified with leading) or Vestax.
What I like:
- The number of entries (FYI, 4 lines, 4 phono, 4 and 4 USB Digital)
- Ability to assign analog inputs,
- 2 mic inputs, sufficient for many basic benefit (1HF + 1DJ)
- Opportunity to lead or not the mics at the Booth output and REC
- 2 independent effects processors assignable to various grafted,
- An exit booth,
- The limiter on the master (configuration reduces the sound)
- Possibility of applying a gain of 10 compared to the master input (after update)
- Adjustment of cross fader curves and linear
- Many configurable functions (frequency of kill, EQ microphone, integrated limiter threshold, sampling frequency, ...)
- Various connectors with digital output
- Support in sound card I / O,
- The sound quality: the ability to use table converter NA if the decks have a mediocre sound (in my case I use turntables Gemini CDJ 700, as I say it is ...), listening to vinyl is a treat via phono inputs (hi-fi quality), very little noise, and the overall gain in quality compared to my old mixer (even if this demerit, quite the contrary, ...)
- FX (no comparison with the integrated FX Gemini turntables ...), easy to set up, low cut filter and high cut knob with the other independent FX
- Bright screen with menus, configuration and BPM FX
- The quality of the headphone output,
- Accuracy of the meters, indicating the presence of the microphone signal, LED limiter
- Color backlit buttons differ depending on the type of source,
- No separate power supply bulky
- Standard size
- Adjustable crossfader hardness,
- Complete manual.

On the negative side:
- The limiter does not affect the output and Booth rec,
- No FX separated for 2 microphones, adjustable range of the EQ microphones,
- No output jack on the master but only on the booth which has no XLR
- Quite hot (beware vents mount flight)
- USB port on the rear panel of the table, not easy to achieve in a flight.

In conclusion, a very functional table that can serve as a mobile disco dj DJ at a club. It certainly miss innovative features found on a DJM 2000 but to use that I do is already top!