Ecler SCLAT 200vs 8
Ecler SCLAT 200vs 8

SCLAT 200vs 8, 4+ Channel Mixer from Ecler.

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DJ Cire 02/28/2005

Ecler SCLAT 200vs 8 : DJ Cire's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Modular mixer with 8 channels tray (a fact you can configure the number of slice that we DSIR)
Connections: between line and phono RCA, XLR microphone
Master outputs 1 and 2 xlr symtrique
exit 3 (cab): rca
No part Intgr effect but there is a dpart / back to (that is what you want insrer like effects)
EQ (not paramtrique) acute, mdium, with the possibility of serious rgler gain! (In the slice to avoid pushing the DJ always in the red attnuer gains)
Talk over assignage per (ditto on the edge and disassemble it assigns channels you want)
It can also rgler (rear face) between the sensitivity of the (K7 and cd are DIFFERENT for example)
For the purists, I DSOL but I can not give a rating infrieure 10


Simple setup, but hey it's still a work table, a person who may be beginners will be a little palm that says for the price I do not think that beginners buy this kind of table.
Hats off to the manual: everything is explained. how to slice a dword to make changes.
Finally when we made changes (usually once and for all) we do not forget the price, and I swear that one is careful trs !!!!!!!!! has this little gem
DSOL again for the note: 10/10


When I think of a catalog I read: "Connect a R. .. instead of your usual mix and you will not believe your ears." I is not against the name "A. ..." trsrpute is good for its quality but it's not just this brand!

Of breath, which blows, explain me what it is I is not that word in my vocabulary!

Equalizer effective and adjustable gain on rglage

Rating: 9.99 (not 10 After all, but has not AudioFanzine prvu commas, APRS everything in figure skating, there are many kinds of notes 9.75 / 10! )


Purchased AOT 2004 (I should not use the word buy, but long-term investment)
Actually before I used her "mom" a SCLATER 8

Table do everything, flexible, easy OPG, robust, reliable with his irrprochable

Report price quality: good
Competitor: Amix RMC 83 great but more expensive
Dynacord M1 same but more expensive and not scalable

Manir any one remains in similar prices
If you find at half price, ask your questions!
knob ALPS is a pro not just be Penny & Gilles but this is of good quality knob and unfortunately expensive

Aesthetics I would say that it is beautiful trs
But it is still the best indoor

Rating 9 / 10 (APRS is all I bought in the hope it lasts me 20 years! And I do not know the future)

FYI my table a 2 403 S POWER me last 18 years, I have indeed changed and she does all redone

In case you do not realize your I am a perfectionist sickly!
in other words, I take care of my business!

If a c'tait again, I would do the same thing because I is not found at this price of equivalence
The Amix RMC 83 Franaise but is very well, so more CHRE (DSOL for chauvinistic)

Do not go bitching ECLER is Spanish, Belgian RODEC, AMIX Franais, DYNACORD German, we remain in the EEC

Finally, a pub changes:

"WHAT DOES NOT SEE INSIDE heard from the outside"

Sign: a tar music (beginners of disease: 1976), which can be treated with instruments that are