Ecler nuo5
Ecler nuo5

nuo5, 4+ Channel Mixer from Ecler.

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andersen26 06/09/2005

Ecler nuo5 : andersen26's user review


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One wonders at ECLER, a little complex at the outcome level, lack of energy, but a sound that is excellent with no breath, usb to settle its effects, another alternative cross a bit more flexible in the cross against n is not assignable injury, the knob is egualiseur of flexibility and are well on the table put me in their game should really mix with the feet, the cross effects for exellent,


Effects: setting usb, cross to send,

Sound: excellent lacks a bit of fishing but c is what makes the style ecler

The knob of egualiseur: exellent has the grip, no need to apply that s is as butter and ca al air because of the solid ecler they do these big knobs for the force is less strong on the c axis is true that it's weird to see but is excellent c al use

The cross: Complete the settings, another replacement, 5 year warranty, c is fluid, it s used to it quickly

Headphone output with excellent options also have known that sort master and the left lane right mix of tracks in the headphones .....

The effects are not easy to handle and care requires almost a certain effect Sampler slot but quickly recovered with TAP function but this can cause a real mess if we do not blunder

Ways that are not all assignable

He could have put a sample of 8 s damage

that I can be in or omissions in that I find out more later??


C is its excellent ecler not a blade of breath, one with c Regall is ......


I l have a few days and I say that c is the best compromise between the djm 600 and Denon DNX 1500 are not pictures I the have and I do not let go any time soon, except for taking an Allen & Heath 62 minimum or Rodec .... How large tables!