Pioneer DJM-500
Pioneer DJM-500

DJM-500, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

LoveTekno 04/30/2004

Pioneer DJM-500 : LoveTekno's user review


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A lot of features with the box intgre effect.
4 channels separated, multiple inputs, a master output, and an output monitor.


I do not regard the manual.

because even the box has FFECT is very easy to use.
panel, while load is very legible.


After having known ur marks ..
I would say that the quality of sound is very good.

I is not a test Freevox, but I think the djm follows exceptionally close.


I have 2 years, and I buy occasionally ell was 2 years old.

So mine has 4 years of life, and she walks nikel, no play in the knobs, no breath, no crack! still brand new