Pioneer DJM-600
Pioneer DJM-600

DJM-600, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

pvesco 05/28/2010

Pioneer DJM-600 : pvesco's user review

« not bad, not bad but .... »

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The characteristics and performance are average (see below and in the other post on the subject of the components)


The setup is nice, it's the highlight of the console except some points carément unacceptable.
In the super ago: Ergonomics, possibilities and effects commands, bpm double if necessary (it can work with CDJ 100 that are inexpensive and well used), relative strength, and fader operation and ease of crosfader dedicated controls the position and size of controls, ease of mix and opportunities, working comfort, the headphones and controls PFL, the meters that help clear the fluid mix well ... I certainly forget
In the medium means there are: the master output fader and we can hang straight (Grr, it m'arive almost every evening ...), which is not very precise. The low number of entries online.
In the bad: second mic unusable (not practice it requires cutting a stereo channel, its pathetic ...), not cross main mic and trimmings limited active crossfader on two channels at once what does not really a four-way effect. This last point is really annoying 2cd + configuration interface two channels, we all have a computer in today. For the last CD input for a misplaced extension microphone or another (it is more practical on a DJM 400)


Not so transparent breath.
EQ well
Acceptable sound at medium volume, but once you turn up the sound becomes dry and poor draft. We joined forces with an external EQ, it is sometimes confused with a big sound system. If the sound is low-end, do not have ears hard. With good sound that goes into working a little overboard. What I say is related to the extent it is still not his "bottom line" is still above average. Still, for example, DENON DNX 500 Genre I like better and seems more "musical" (I tested blind EQ 0). Sound from the microphone means and the second micro carément below the average ... Help!
To suggest a function as void to be done. I understand why I saw some DJ unplug them to plug their main mike HF example for a presentation. But hey, this is not the main function of a DJ table ...


What I like most about it is the use and overall capabilities. Adapting to different styles make it a platform universally appreciated (see above). For my part, CDJ100S use with Denon 4500 and things are going well. The caretaking work reliably and efficiently is limited and this is my occasional use. About 1000 Euros plus two Mix cdj 100, interface board and fly Denon. (Not counting the computer) ...
I am extremely disappointed cons of other points that I find unworthy of a camera in this class (see above). Smooth the mix is ​​good but when it is necessary to facilitate or simply to be heard is not great sometimes annoying (see various issues of micro and I do not talk over you ...)... Anyway, this function is disturbing, and requires little concentration: we happen to another table better equipped in this respect. Using open mic permanently requires the use of a very good style Shure microphone. The weight and handling of the hose will not fail to kill very quickly input jack on the front.
Value for money carément exaggerated hand, there has seen the price of ads. They are often (very) old and all are sold "as new". At 500 euros opportunity, if we compare with a DJM700 for little more, the sound is better and the device is guaranteed. Between 300 and 400 seems a more acceptable price.
on the other hand, its universality that the store "local" know them and can fix or renovate for low prices. A council, think about ventilation Authorities closed, it heats a lot! Given the state of those sent in for repair, I think it must improve its reliability over time ...
Tried other brands? Yes, some (see my other post). With the experience: there's more in other brands, (there is also much worse) you win the microphones and sound, but you lose the starts, or effects, or both ...
At Pioneer, the 800 seems much better and there are 4 starts but it will be still some way off given the price of nine. The 700 remains as competitive with better sound and some small ergonomic flaws corrected.
I've tested and used more (DJM600) many were bad ... . It is nevertheless a good tool.
on the other hand for a first purchase or for the mobile disco, I strongly recommend. Better to buy an equivalent budjet Denon nine if we use some effects (DNX 1100 or 500) or DJM 400 second-hand property in two ways, offers more options and configurations with a reduced size. Repeat this choice? No, I changed to a 400 eventually.