Pioneer DJM-800
Pioneer DJM-800

DJM-800, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

pierreblc91 11/07/2012

Pioneer DJM-800 : pierreblc91's user review

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At the top, the reference for years.

I still have some regrets at the features:
- Can not adjust the resonance filters (sometimes a little too present)
- Can filter effect (an echo for example) without filtering music at the same time (unlike his sister DJM700)
- The Master side of the headset is connected to the output Master1 not the REC, so that the master level plays on the headphone, impossible to listen to the master in the headphones when the level is low, for example . Bit annoying club table because often high, but mobile disco it can be annoying (at least to adjust the level to max 7/10 instead of 0 in light meter, and down behind the system, but loss of accuracy in light meter and loss of sound quality). This is valid for all consoles Pioneer 4 ways.


Very simple configuration, everything is easily accessible, Pioneer ergonomics nothing to say.


Despite some negative reviews about the sound, I find the console completely transparent, without breath, no change in the sound. In addition, one of the only console market with digital inputs, I admit to not having felt the obvious difference, but it avoids multiple conversions NAC NAC.


I bought used some time ago because I wanted a sturdy table and ergonomic, so Pioneer came out ahead. I did not find any interest in using the brand new consoles because I mix in CDJ, so I do not need the integrated sound card. Apart from that, I find the DJM850 lower due to the elimination of the digital inputs (beat despite the effects color quite nice), and DJM900 little better, because the only differences are the improved effects (I use shortly), the quantize on the effects (+ +), Ethernet jack to also have a Cue from rekordbox (cable-rca jack does the same thing on a free channel), and 4 positions per input switches ( + +).

If you want a table like this, I really advise you to buy this one, used as the new range and the emergence of controllers, many people sell it at prices that finally become quality / price!

I put 10/10 only for the price that I paid!