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Evolution Mk-249
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Publié le 12/24/02 à 05:41
Personally, I wanted to 249C, which possdait of rotary potentiomtres more about faade, but I opt for this keyboard easier, but large bills (and quite affordable surttout). I put 8 because the 249C has the potentiomtres in +.

At the rear of MK-249 there is a power supply port. DC 9-12V (the power supply. Is not provided - the keyboard is powered through the USB port), a standard USB port (cable supplied), a MIDI OUT port, if you have not or more available USB port, a MIDI cable to HOST is provided (plugs into the joystick port of your sound card) port pedals / sustain, and a power switch ON / OFF.

On the keyboard there is an LED display for preset n (always useful), a Controller of volume, pitch bend wheel and modulation wheel, six buttons that do not serve me, one octave down / up, a - / + to stroll in the banks, and 9 preset buttons.

Otherwise, a 49-key keyboard.


Touch is, I got a little too soft priori, but it makes it easier to grate the VLOC software. For connection, no problem, thanks to the USB port, for cons in a piti WinMillenium driver problem I lost a quarter of an hour and some hair. The manual is trslger, if you want to read, I recommend plutt Sarte or Rousseau.


I've had just three weeks, but my first keyboard when I spend over journalists.


- The ratio quality / price
- The bundled software and especially the DMOS provided

Not classified:

- Uh ... touch is far from that of a classical piano but I do not share.

I have yet to exprience but in any case I strongly recommend for those who want to engage in the computer music.