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Evolution 49-Key MIDI Keyboards user reviews

  • Evolution Mk-149

    Evolution Mk-149 - thorfin666's review


    - What technical specifications have motivated your choice? The price. - What connection (MIDI, pedals ...) ..? Midi and conection 3.5mm called "HOLD". USE - Is the keyboard touch pleasant? Is it your use? Yes even if it is a can lg. …

  • Evolution Mk-449c

    Evolution Mk-449c - kiki_rasta's review


    - What characteristics have motivated your choice? USB controllers and the number of - What connector (MIDI pedals ...)?... USB and c is UTILIZATION - The touch keyboard is it fun? Should your use? Not too good but must complain again …

  • Evolution Mk-449c

    Evolution Mk-449c - anneetchristophe's review


    I bought this keyboard for its quality over price. He indeed CHARACTERISTICS exceptional given its low price trs. Trs many faders and portare, pav numrique, digital displays, etc.. The south is also implmentation trs complte and programming very e…

  • Evolution Mk-249

    Evolution Mk-249 - maxabbey's review


    My opinion on this keyboard is similar to that of my predecessors ... What motivated me to buy? Its price! To use that I wanted to make (test of my sound banks and SoundFont before it notes by ModPlug Tracker), I wanted a master keyboard cheap, si…

  • Evolution eKeys 49

    Evolution eKeys 49 - asair's review


    Ditto He does what is asked, after ... Some options I do not know, I have not touched the piano so I adapt to each keyboard UTILIZATION Same (no software g m crazy but I prefer Reason + cub) OVERALL OPINION Price: 79 euros, it's going to ni…

  • Evolution Mk-449c

    Evolution Mk-449c - maximegendre's review


    I bought this keyboard to be in addition to the faders and pots. faders for it are really not enjoyable for trs pots a little better but the bill leaves all really DSIR (see below). In addition, the controllers are not prcis trs. at the keyboard all …

  • Evolution Mk-249c

    Evolution Mk-249c - willbe's review


    I appreciate its convenience, we branch USB connection and it's power supply and Midi. No need for drivers for Windows XP (as against mandatory under Win2000). UTILIZATION A master keyboard to feel. I'm not a keyboardist, but I use it all the tim…

  • Evolution Mk-449c

    Evolution Mk-449c - nog natir's review


    It's always natir nog, but can not prciser my request for an opinion, I do it here. I count the evolution acqurir MK-449C, but I would like to know if the pad of 12 buttons on the left works well ct (programming effects plugins or instruments ,...…

  • Evolution Mk-249c

    Evolution Mk-249c - Anonyme's review


    What motivates my choice its large number of its key knobs prize midi out connector + usb The only downside is the lack of aftertouch and midi in for me ... but hey at this price .... UTILIZATION The key is very correct for a keyboard en…

  • Evolution Mk-449c

    Evolution Mk-449c - Blashol's review


    I bought the MK461C aprmidi and returns this to the store! : Going to see me and a test for the fatal hit Unplayable of this device permitted! ! ! %% http://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/avis/index 2Cidproduit 2C25619.html UTILIZATION I bought t…