ENGL E412SS Standard Slanted 4x12 Cabinet
ENGL E412SS Standard Slanted 4x12 Cabinet

E412SS Standard Slanted 4x12 Cabinet, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from ENGL.

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jacobjackattack 11/20/2005

ENGL E412SS Standard Slanted 4x12 Cabinet : jacobjackattack's user review


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I use c cab in ENGL 4 * 12 months since QLQ. This is the pan cut version, equipped with Celestion Vintage 60 HP. HP are good, rather typical metal as well dug in the medium. These are the HP ELRS "general" celestion home and are presented as HP cut for jazz (it's crazy the number of gear designed for jazz to be used primarily in metal and others: for example, that combo Roland JC 120, or the scratching EMG 60 pickups or Seymour SH2.

It is a very well made cabinet, the exellent lutterie is much better than the marshall (that have tried aupparavant g) and Qul look! (The REAL super grid and the chrome logo, not a kind of tissue that is flip to tear each transmission, for the grid should be at least a chainsaw! issue against the other QLQ transport planning sessions of muscle because this is the stuff the 50kg, but it's not an across the sea to drink j 'comes very well to the load alone.

Question her, it is very well Polyval modern vintage exit effects and how old marshall greenback in the ass! (Anyway it is better to take the stuff of time). However, everything goes smoothly (from clean to heavy distos through the blues) anyway because I play everything and I would not stop at one style (far) g and was pleasantly surprised, even if its domain of choice is the big sound (the palm muted emerged easily, it's my QLQ little confused at first because I used to support much like a bear to make them stand out, then it goes without forcing). But I think the box is also ENGL bcp, it's very good violin. The sound has a sacred diffusion (equal power even faster than the other covers I scratch my group also in 4 * 12). I think the cab with vintage 30 is better but that's normal it is much more expensive. In fact I plan to replace the HP with V30 and G12H30 config for original and perhaps more powerful and smooth at a time (if possible). In fact I eventually upgrade my config and buy a Powerball, I want to give him what he is best: it's worth it (lol)

I put 9 because I think the quality / good price: it leaves the possibility of a (large) good quality sound for the price (or cheaper) than a standart marshall cab. Ares I think the version V30 or other marks (Soldano, VHT, Mesa) are better but at the same tps I have not the means to compare.