Peavey MS 412 Slant
Peavey MS 412 Slant
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themaddog 06/14/2011

Peavey MS 412 Slant : themaddog's user review

« Great roadworthy cabinet »

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This is a Peavey cabinet with Sheffield speakers, which is the Peavey equivalent of Celestions. It is switchable between mono and stereo, is rugged but not too heavy, has wheels, and can really take a beating on stage or on the road between gigs. The speakers sound really full and can produce great tones at a variety of volumes. In the nearly ten years I have owned this cab I've never had any problems with anything rattling inside the cab, nor any buzzing from the speakers.

The front grill of the cabinet is metal and removable, making it relatively easy to paint. This is great for customizing your own rig and giving your band (or just yourself) a really unique look.

I was lucky enough to have bought this cab for $100 from a family member! I'll probably never sell it, unless I really need to scale down the size of my rig. I liked this cabinet so much that I had to seek out a matching straight cab (bottom, not slanted cab) that cost me four times as much and was not in as good condition. However, with both of those cabinets paired together, it makes for the ultimate full-stack.

For live, I think this is an excellent cabinet, due to its ruggedness and consistent sound. I have used it to record, but in my opinion, a better tone can be found with a more expensive branded, single 12" cabinet, such as a Mesa Boogie with a Black Shadow speaker or a higher-end Marshall with a Celestion.

If you can get one used, just check out the sound first to make sure there aren't any problems, and you'll probably be good for a long time with one of these. Just keep in mind that this cabinet is only going to sound as good as the amplifier that it is paired with. I have used this cab with a Fender Roc Pro 1000, a Marshall JCM2000, and a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier, and by far the Single Rect had the best sound through this cabinet.