DiMarzio DP755 The Tone Zone 7
DiMarzio DP755 The Tone Zone 7

DP755 The Tone Zone 7, 7/8 strings guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the 7-String series.

tjon901 07/30/2011

DiMarzio DP755 The Tone Zone 7 : tjon901's user review

« Not great for a 7 string »

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Dimarzio is a very modern pickup maker. They have been making pickups for many years and are used by many guitar players. The Tone Zone is one of their classic models that has been used throughout the years. It is based on a PAF but with a bit more midrange and more harmonics. It had a ton of low and but was not the tightest pickup out there. Now they are making a 7 string version of that pickup and the limitations of the original design are really showing. It has 4 conductor wiring and a very hot output of nearly 18k. The EQ on this pickup is what ruins it. The EQ on the Tone Zone is slanted hard towards the low end. This is fine on most 6 string guitars but when you are playing with a 7 string you already have a ton more low end. You dont need a pickup that has a bunch of low end in itself. The guitar provides the low end. If anything with a 7 string you want a guitar with a lot of top end and mids to keep clarity with the extra low end the guitar is providing. Dimarzio kept the 6 string voicing for this 7 string pickup and it is just way too muddy. Dimarzio talks and talks about the pickup having less magnet pull but they dont mention the all the useless low end the pickup still has. With this much low end on a 7 string whenever you touch the low B its just going to cover up anything else you are playing. If you have a 7 string and are looking for a good pickup with plenty of low end I would recommend the EMG 707. That pickup has plenty of low and and being active it can handle the 7 string frequencies.