Audax AUDAX (25 cm) 8"
Audax AUDAX (25 cm) 8"

AUDAX (25 cm) 8", 8" loudspeaker from Audax.

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Jean rade 11/09/2006

Audax AUDAX (25 cm) 8" : Jean rade's user review


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This speaker is a medium bass 8 "in diameter and 25 then and I personally find very good for a guitar amp because they have a very good definition sound and are more precise ones they have good power for this type of use (75watts)
I have them plugged into an amp format 2x 8 "and I find it very nice the sound is perfect


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral image is relatively good STREO
for sound, it is clear and precise throughout the range AC is no problem
c dynamics such as al I find such c exellent but this depends on the gear with which you use c me on a guitar amp but I Essy on a sound system and see all Derriche


I use it for a year and I'm happy
I like the most incredible c dynamics such a diameter (8 ") that I like least c they are such delicate jewelry and need to be careful they love me already come to graze the case for a clumsy con
The report price is not exellent quality I have bought 95 new Euro each and I found it a bit expensive compared to the speaker still a c 8 "c and not a speaker that requires a lot of expensive materials for the factory but I know that I c remake choice but fortunately today the prices have dropped significantly I have in fact two pairs (2x4 hp 8 ")