charles berteretche P 05/06/2012

Fatar / Studiologic SL-880 : charles berteretche P's user review


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I bought this keyboard to connect to a home computer (mac and windows) essentially to control Pro Tools, it works spot on!
I never had a problem with this keyboard that ca be as soft at the mechanics. It's tough.
Only buttons in frontage seem a bit fragile, and yet they still work just fine after 10 years of loyal service.
Frankly, level quality / price is unbeatable (however, accept it as a master keyboard = will not work in standalone mode because no bank in its internal or HP).


The feel is really great, I'd say it's the big keyboard MORE
For use as mine (control a sequencer to play sequences and realistic piano) is impeccable
At the config, is simple: we branch, and is recognized directly (after choosing the correct midi channel of course)


It's been 10 years that I use, I am very satisfied because now how many aircraft electrical / electronic can claim such a life?
It has not moved an inch in 10 years, I've never had to repair.

The big plus: the heavy touch really realistic, its robustness, simplicity
Cons: buttons that fragile facades (but it is not the case), weight (avoid taking them every day, otherwise you will have to buy at the physio sessions