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Zoybar.net Launched

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Zoybar is described as a hardware and web platform for developing mashable music instruments in a co-creation environment.

Zoybar is designed to provide modular hardware kits that enable musicians to assemble variety of custom electric string instruments from the same basic components. Its revolutionary open design is also designed to allow the users to mount numerous sound effects controllers that are made by other manufacturers and end users. The results are interchangeable mashup instruments that enable the musicians to play and manipulate the sound simultaneously and directly from the instrument.

Zoybar.net is the social community and R&D lab that supports its global hardware users, designed as an open platform that could be upgraded and improved by its users in a decentralized R&D environment. Think of the Zoybar platform as a hardware version that might be similar to the 'Firefox’ browser concept or the 'Wikipedia’ concept with hardware add-ons and user-made applications.

Since Zoybar was officially launched (on February 2009), users have started to upload several modifications and upgrade options, according to the company. They hope that in the next three years this innovation model could produce hundreds of new music instruments that would have not been produced under the terms of conventional business models.

For more information, visit www.zoybar.net.