Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK
Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK
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gregchat 08/26/2005

Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK : gregchat's user review


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A diet

The power supply box (very small and lightweight)
Between a 18V
7 9V outputs (for pedals Boss DS-1 CH1 SD-1, Ibanez TS9, Big Muff, ProCo Rat ...)
3 18V outputs (Univibe. ..)

Cables: 9V output cables 7 female, 3 male output cables 9V 18V output cables and 3 female.

There are quite a son but IS MORE BATTERIES: oufffff finally!

All this seems robust.

I have taken over AIM and less than 18V 9V.

If you have one then the pdalboard not worry, just plug is quick and AC drives.
If you play without pdalboard (I do) then the need to take a little longer. Especially since it takes out the pedals and connect the cables and jacks ... 10 minutes, taking his time, but you are your QUIET APRS and for a while.

Bah is a power supply so it feeds RAS

I recently but happiness.
How did I do without it for so long, some prfrent the use of batteries (less than son everywhere) but it is expensive (especially for delays / chorus) so it is with dbourse 160 (not giving the slut) but APRS is that of happiness, PLUS ANY DECISION TTE. The rendering is constant and YAPA stress style over battery when solo!