Harley Benton Power Plant
Harley Benton Power Plant

Power Plant, AC Adapters for Pedal from Harley Benton.

give35 11/21/2009

Harley Benton Power Plant : give35's user review


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How long have you use it? Days

Before I used to be a bunch of transformer or a power strip cord (sssnake). Whatever the solution, I had parasitic sounds in the amp. I even "stupid" separate pedal because I thought there was inconsistency between pedals <=> acoustic amp (Marshall AS100D) or pedals <=> power amp (Hartke Piggyback) with guitars Ovation Legend and Epiphone SheratonII .dropoff window

Now all combinations work quietly: BOSS pedals (CS3 and Super Phaser) Modtone (Vintage Speedbox and delay) and BETA-ALVIN CS100.

Only regret not feeding my Digitech JAMMAN => you need a specific power supply (1300mA)


Choice again: yes yes yes without hesitation .... No more Strip, parasites sounds ....
Good zic