Beltuna Prestige 2000 série française
Beltuna Prestige 2000 série française

Prestige 2000 série française, Accordeon from Beltuna.

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dupuismusique 10/28/2009

Beltuna Prestige 2000 série française : dupuismusique's user review


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Accordions range prestige BELTUNA are characterized by the system amplisound on the box resonance.
This system gives you two different sounds on bassoons.
A first sound very warm and distinctive music-box
A second more powerful sound with a surprising effect, such phasing very light.
Music installed are the upscale type mano a mano.
If you are looking for an instrument to play jazz, coaching, gypsy, then try a Beltuna
If you play the bagpipes, maybe it is not necessary to invest in instruments of this bill.
My rating is 9 out of 10 because perfection is tomorrow.
I have a MIDI equipped Beltuna without hesitation I would do this choice