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Teuf44 03/09/2008

Ibanez AW40 : Teuf44's user review


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Copy / paste the Ibanez site:

Wood Top: Solid Spruce
Cts and rear wood: Mahogany
Channel (Rear): Mahogany
Pickup: Fishman Sonicore Pickup
Preamp: Ibanez SST Preamp
Tuner Intgr: Ibanez Smooth Tuner AS
neck and bridge saddle: Ibanez Ivorex II
Straps: Ibanez Strap Button for Acoustic Guitars
Handle (above): Rosewood

For info I pay 419 ...


It's been 3 hours that I play it, and I do not get tired. The fact that the rear of the handle is painted gives a kind trs ct this guitar and the key is trs enjoyable ...

For usability, we are facing that kind of cash: a shear ctes quickly, we must stand: p


Personally, I love electro by: trs end natural sound, good balance between bass and treble mdium I think. Branch, there is nothing to touch, sound equalizer dish

Pure acoustics, we can blame the lack of bass and power.


Before I tried to buy the Cort Earth100, the Washburn D10, W32 and the Takamine Washburn 399 (MODEL I could not at the top). I found the Ibanez has the most among all assets. The Cort is a bit cheap at any point of view but also the least CHRE. The Washburn D10 trs trs sound good naturally (for lovers of good bass!) but trs bof branches even after fiddling with the equalo. The W32 I 've tried that of course because I did not touch but it sounds like the D10, the diffrence is probably used in the microwave makes. And Takamine is trs trs type ... the trs is subjective, I did not like it, but it is trying.

J'tais party on a budget of 300 and was aiming for the Washburn D10. Trying the Ibanez I did not get the diffrence of hsit cot. If c'tait again, would have the same