Ibanez SX90
Ibanez SX90

SX90, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Ibanez in the Masa series.

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carpedi 09/26/2006

Ibanez SX90 : carpedi's user review


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Dja I put a notice has gone!? I put it back, may someone INTERESTED:
Made in korea, 22 frets, a micro electromagnetic ibanez.
Folk easel (with pegs to pin the end of the rope) and mtalique plate under the bridge under the table to link the string mass (absent on a normal folk)
rglages on pramp: severe acute volume mdiums + treble boost (you can even delete the audio of the two highest strings)
Channel Ibanez electric guitar type plutt end and flat.


The handle is enjoyable.
Access in acute is correct for folk with more difficulty it beyond the 17me freight.
Trslgre Paisse and low (depth of body 3 1 / 8 ") takes place easily.


No branch sounds a bit mtalique trs and not powerful, nothing to do with a dreadnought but it's not the point either. But I tried many guitars in this format and it has not fared so poorly may be massive grace his table.
Branch is much better. With DIFFERENT rglages pramp on the acute one can go from close to the piezo sound (be careful it does not unlike other piezo MASA!) A more semi-hollow jazz electric. The micro magnetic ibanez pramp and doing well.
Beware of pulling the strings: the 10/46 suprieur required!


I use it for 3 years, the era j'tais beginners and I did not know if I wanted a folk or electric (I had a classic). This guitar is a good compromise between the two, I tried a lot and for those who can not make their choice and want when even start right away is a good compromise. It is adapted to beginners particulirement considering its size and simplicity of rglages.
Exprience with this choice because I would do for 399 euros, it helps to address several worlds at the same time. I use it now as electric jazz guitar (CRC for good electrical firing) I saw another electro, and always a branch in anything sounds: sound system, hi-fi, electro amp, keyboard amp, amp electric scratching even in its saturated by a feedback less than electro.
In short it is quite versatile.