James Neligan DEVPFI
James Neligan DEVPFI

DEVPFI, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from James Neligan in the Deveron series.

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James Neligan DEVPFI : Anonymous 's user review

«  A guitar that dog »

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It is a parlor type guitar, that is basically a folk with a case of classical guitar.
Lighter therefore, smaller, and so with a little less bass (largely offset by the mediums offered by this instrument).
It is mahogany, solid, or of the color that draws a little on the red and ... it's


We can describe the handle of nice, in any case, a handle that will not betray you, even if it does not always allowed to do, it all depends on the tiran used well, in my case, I put the big .
Well balanced, it is not obliged to elbow every 4 steps to re-stabilize, AC seems to say anything like that but it can count.


Ideal for blues, parlor as any self-respecting its registry extends well beyond this style.
This is one that new guitar, need to do.
For my part, the soil mediums went easily feedback the first 6 or 8 months, I even saw the floor (5th box code re) starting in resonnance repeatedly.
Since then, no problem on this side of,
In short, a guitar that has the dog's personality, with a budget widely affordable.


I use this guitar since 2012, she traveled extensively and did not complain until now (ie solid on the armholes).