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junglerat 09/30/2006

Keiper 69BLS : junglerat's user review


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Guitar made in shallow bowl type copy chine.Modèle ovation with resin body.
Channel 20 boxes with connection to the body 14 and lower notch for access to aigus.Manche mounted rosewood heel. Amplification integrated bridge piezo pickup driven by a 4-band equalizer and volume control.


Channel pleasing neither too broad nor too bulging, shrinking neat, flawless precision. Facilitated by access to acute notch. Position involves sitting nice: good balance, not too heavy, shallow enough cash for a grip to the body.
Its surprisingly powerful sound for the shallowness of the case. Amplifier connected to the equalizer offers a range of sounds and extensive acoustic playing rhythm type personnalisable.Du Neil Young, to play fingerpicking Marcel Dadi, all suits!


This brand, found on ebay, I have gained seven different models of the solid body electro through the bass!
This classic rose to was my first acquisition, since I chose a guitar very similar type but with gills Adamas, superb too.
Acquired in order to rework my game fingerpicking (Thanks Marcel DADI who introduced me to the guitar), it fills my expectations


I bought 2 months ago. Having abandoned the guitar for some time, the models I owned Avient old (Yamaha FX80 acoustic). I wanted to renew the "flock". Thanks to Keiper, you can really get good quality models at affordable prices.
The price / quality ratio is unbeatable!
If it again? Wrong question, as I said above since this model, I bought 6 more!!