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MGR/Anonymous 06/23/2001

Larrivée LV-10E : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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guitar center beat every ones price- maybe because they messed up the order 3 times and delayed ordering this guitar for 6 months. It was ordered out of denver for $1800

We revied all the acoustic guitars we could find in 2 years at any price, but not one of a kind. Martins performed well- all of them, but the only magic (playability, feel, sound etc) came in the 28-45 series; lowdens-too quiet; lakewoods - excellent overall, but not enough magic; Santa Cruz- like Martins with the occasional sublime instrument, Froggy Bottom-sweet, but playability is not perfect. I list these to show the caliber of Larrivee: perfect and inspiring sound naturally or amped, Fort Knox solid, and the playability...Beethoven to Jimi Hendrix, Woody Guthery to Phish, Pink Floyd to well just slapping it around Larrivee Guitars shine at every thing. It was the ONLY guitar to be able be played sweetly or with rage and still sound...sublime. This guitar will move you. This is why we had to invent the Zuni Guitar Strap's - guitar of the year award and name Larrivee the winner. We are in no way connected with the Canadian company, so take the time to see what we mean and play one.

Dislikes: well to be honest the ease at which this guitar is played tends to bring out the best of my ability leaving me wishing I could play more difficult pieces.

Solid- You can find reviews back 10 years. they have no real complants.

Short of one of a kind or rediculosly priced instruments Larrivee is the best out there. The good news is all larrivee models have this sublime quality so you budget may dictate to trim level, but not the quality.

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