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MGR/Justin 10/25/2004

Martin & Co DCX1E : MGR/Justin's user review

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I was acquainted with this guitar at my local Guitar Center when I was looking around for a good mid-range accoustic-electric guitar with a cutout. I paid about $650.

This guitar has a really loud clear sound. The neck is thin enough to where I can easily manuever up and down it and it's a good looking guitar. I have yet to purchase an accoustic amp, but when I played it on one in the store, it sounded really good. It still sounds pretty good on my electric amp.

I only had a few problems with this guitar. When I installed new strings on it, I got just a hint of fret-buzz on the first fret low e string. Also, the instrument cable output on the guitar in within the bottom strap nob, which makes it extremely difficult to find a strap with a whole big enough to stretch over it.

I liked the construction of the guitar pretty well. After playin in for a while, the neck got a little rough (i don't know why) and sometimes the guitar seems a little heavy towards the neck joint compared to the rest of the guitar, which can be a little annoying when sitting and playing. But overall, the construction is what you would expect from a good quality Martin.

Before I bought this guitar, I had a beginner's Takamanie, which didn't sound good at all. When I was trying out guitars in the store, it was pretty much down to 2 guitars: a Martin DCX1E and a Ovation CS257 Celebrity Deluxe. They were both about even in quality, sound, playability, etc., except the thing that brought the Martin over the Ovation was that when you sit down, the Ovation slips alot. It's like you have to hold it close to yourself to get it to stay where you want it.

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