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rhi-zome 06/27/2006

Norman ST40 CW GT Presys : rhi-zome's user review


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This is a guitar Electroacoustic manufactured in Canada by Norman, a subsidiary of Godin. The Tagus is prampli brand Fishman. Its finish the purchase n'tait not irrprochable: indoor adhesive label hastily, smearing glue on the table. The table in solid cedar, is a fragile Drout: any contact with a nail for example, scratches or makes micro-CLAT. Moreover, the impasse was made on some t latraux again, yet handy, especially at the bottom of the handle, so I had to paste.


The handle is enjoyable trs, Access in acute stroke is thanks to the pan IDAL. The woods give a big utiliss lgret o trs a great maneuverability. The sound of this guitar is thundering clarity and power, all those who have had the opportunity t have to hear it won.


The sound is perfectly suited my style of music (country-blues picking). I use to amplify an acoustic Fender amp, and the crystal clear sound that I want is achieved without problem. Prampli part is of excellent quality.


I use it for 6 months. Its great acoustics made me accept his lack of finishing and its fragility. His report seems to me qualitprix INTERESTED even compared to other guitars Electroacoustic onreuses and without much obvious diffrence in sound quality. I probably would do that choice but I would be more demanding on the review of finishes when purchasing.