Ovation Balladeer 1612
cantor 07/26/2006

Ovation Balladeer 1612 : cantor's user review


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Channel trs enjoyable, sometimes difficult to play when abuse of beer (cons 'Ring' Ring!) So the ovation "before" big box, tie rods ncessite sustain a little stronger (mini lignt in La Bella) and then back in, what its


All is perfect except the picking style (sorry Marcel) tapping difficult, but agraable in DADGAD.
The grave is the oldest standing ovation without this bold new sries ct. the ovation is a little below and MRIT of being more crystalline.


Buy in 1979 is still my companion prfre. The other 4 I use is to play the blues (Stella 1929) or the pump manouche (Mlody 59) or travel (69 B15 gibson is more lgre poyr work on tapping (new Burrell). In the era c'tait CHRE a guitar at the same level as today, but Martin dcote in collections (up to 1200 in nine state) This is a great guitar