Seagull M6 Cedar GT LR Baggs
Seagull M6 Cedar GT LR Baggs
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Noritaka 07/23/2006

Seagull M6 Cedar GT LR Baggs : Noritaka's user review


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Guitar made by hand (hand-crafted) in La Patrie Quebec Canada
Solid cedar top with gloss finish
Back & Sides: Mahogany
Fingerboard & Bridge: Rosewood
Nut in Tusq ® nut and compensated bridge
LR Baggs preamp element


-The neck is quite wide but flat, it may not appeal to some but this is a matter of taste! Me, I was hooked, at least we feel that we have something on hand! ;-)
-Access to acute is not easy since it is not a cutaway but hey I do not shred with! for good rhythm, I'm pretty side saddle in the treble!


-In the early days when I had it in his hand seemed a bit dull, particularly the low E ... I almost regretted the purchase! Then I said that this guitar should sound because everyone on forums speak well of Seagull ... So I did not stop playing it (it's been two weeks), with a pick in the rhythmic through some exercises in finger picking and there, I began to appreciate the sound, I found it changed (I assure you ... it is I who am not objective enough to be the guitar has changed mystery? ). It sounds great to accompany singing, she has a good projection with a very balanced sound (perhaps a bit dull but hey it is in 6 months I will find that the bomb seen that in 2 weeks ... lol ;-))
Electoral-in, connected to an aphex acoustic exiter then firebox, the sound is OK but as I began I will not talk about it too ... in short I'll find the sound a little dull (or matte), despite some adjustments in EQ, I can not have a sound as I want without breath but hey, this is it because I do not know the settings ...


-I for 2 weeks and I started to enjoy it (I hesitated with llx6 tried I could not ... if anyone can tell me if it sounds good? I'll buy also later if I have euros in my pocket lol!)
-The quality / price is right (especially if it gets better as soon as I feel at the rate she's going alone two weeks time ... lol I make films!)
Of non-rrrien rrrien, I do not regrrrette rrrien ...!
I put 9 because you can always do better and we are not in school fans ...